HUIVI + Heijastinpipo omalla tekstillä

VAT included

Erikoissetti, johon kuuluu Atlantis-merkkinen huivi sekä omalla tekstillä varustettu heijastinpipo (merkki: Mountain Wear/Puijo). Tuotteita on rajoitettu erä! 

Huivin tiedot: Lämmin huivi talvikäyttöön!

Materiaali: 100% ACRYLIC
Koko: 150 X 25 CM , hapsut 10x2cm 

Pipo: harmaa / yksi koko / aikuisten. 

Tekstissä voi olla maksimissaan 10 merkkiä/rivi.
Toimitetaan kirjeenä.

Shipping 3-15 days


Data sheet

Product type
Custom product
Perus ISOT kirjaimet

More information for customizable products
Products with Own text are not returnable and that is why we ask you to consider next instructions before you order them.

Common instruction to all custom products: we don't place printing to all over the base product even when the printing area is less than A4 (full size). Shown price applies to only one time printing work. There is an extra cost for multiply printings and there is information about it in product attributes if it applies to the product.
Common rule: the more you put letters in one row the less hight you have in the text.
If you need more help with custom products you are more than welcome to contact our customer service.

*) Beanies and bandanas
You can have more text rows to beanies and bandanas when fabric is jersey. Text is converted to UPPERCASE letters. Printing area about 120mm wide and 70mm high. In bandanas you have to take a note that printing area is shaped like a triangle if you want to wear bandana around neck. Text gets smaller (less letters) when more rows are applied.

*) UNISEX-T + long sleeve (recommendation: max 18-25 characters/row, spaces included)
Height of letters are going to be about 3cm if all 5 rows are used. We try to keep letters nice looking and don't stretch them to look unnatural. If you want more characters into one row that we recommend text will be under 3cm. See next pictures for more information.

Exhibit A: two rows stretched to size A4. We don't do that!
We don't force text to A4. A4 is maximum size for print area. If all 5 rows are used printing area is about A4. We adjust text to the size of the base product.
Exhibit B: text should be devided to two separate rows to look nice. Height of the row is now about 50mm.
Exhibit C: if all letters are put into one row all letters are going to be very low on height. Letters hight is going to be about 19mm. If one puts an order like this we contact the customer with E-mail to make correcction to the order.

*) LADY-cut + long sleeve
In LADY-cut shirts printing area is less than A4 so we adjust printing to size of the base product. 

*) BODY + T-shirt (0-23mo, babies)
Printing area 3-6mo: 150mm x 150mm
Printing area 12-23mo: 170mm x 170mm

*) Junior T-shirt
XS (106-116cm): printing area ca. 170mm x 170mm
S, M (116-140cm): printing area ca. 170mm x 200mm
L, XL (140-164cm): printing area ca. A4

*) Fonts
We have selected some fonts what we think that would be good in our custom products. If for some reason none of them suits your needs you are welcome to contact us. At this moment we use fonts that come with our software. If you want certain font that is not licenced as free for commerical use we expect the customer to puchase this font and let us use it in one's product. We use Corel Draw at this moment what includes hundreds of fonts.
Not all fonts are usable in our products, for instance, if the font is very thin. We use high quality heat pressed film in our products and all print cuttings are peeled by hands!