Special color, customized, own size

When product has options or attibutes like special color, customized or own size, we are talking about a product with different returning policy! For instance most of our customers want that print is on front side of the t-shirt but we sometimes offer customer to choose the side where we heat press the print. There is always mentioning in product attributes or options, when this value exist. There is an option with value "Choose side (front/back) Custom" when product option changes product type from basic to customizable. Product type changes in this case even when color of the shirt is not special color, and we give returnig option to the chosen print. If one chooses to have print on the back side, product will be customized. Also we are not able to brand our product with logo in this case if the print is on the back. 

What does customization mean?

Customization is common term to use in products where customer can decide what features they want in their product to have. We make base product and customer can choose some parts of the print, for instance. This way our customers can have personal t-shirts that are suitable for different occations. But we also want to give customer a choise to get product with returning option. When using common names like DADDY, MOM etc, we may in some cases be able to allow returnings. There is always mentioning about this feature in product description.


Most of the times this "someone" is DAD or GRANDAD etc in this kind of products. If customer wants to, we have given an opportunity to return this product if chosen word to this "someone" is in Finnish ISKÄ or PAPPA and if customer selects black t-shirt. We have always menitoned about this option in product description at least in Finnish. If this chosen print really is famous neighbour "Jorma" (like in example), it is highly unlikely resellable from our point of view and must be reselled with unconscionable low profit.

Popular t-shirt as a gift for 50 year olds. This is why we allow returnings in this product when year is currently presenting someone to be 50 years old and when t-shirt is mostly bought color black.

In this choice customer can also choose color of the print. And again we want to give customer an opportunity to buy product with an option "returning allowed". If the choice is currently presenting year for 50 year old, and customer chooses white print and black t-shirt, customer can return product if for some reason it is not good enough in their opinion.