Information about returns

What would companies that sell clothing do, when they receive returns from customers? We will tell you here what we would do, and hope it is OK with you.

We always check the returned product if it is resellable. We never put it into carbage or dump it unless the law says so. In some cases we have taken some of resellable products to our local Save the Children association to help our local indigent children and families. Some products we just give away to those that are not so fortunate.

Our ethics

We do not approve that good and unharmed products are thrown into garbage! Our goal is to manufacture such good quality products that will last time and usage and are washable from time to times. Product must last longer than couple of weeks - we don't want to sell products with poor quality! In addition we give customer an opportunity to check real measurements of all products before purchasing any to prevent buying a t-shirt, for instance, in wrong size. If returned product is reusable, we will reuse it!

Reusing products

In some cases we may reuse returned produt, like with t-shirts. We are able to reuse t-shirts most of times as "hand made beanies". This way we don't have to "open a new pack" to manufacture a new beanie product and we can prevent textile from being not recycled. All left over pices of textiles in any case are taken to our local company who recycles fabrics and sends them to reprocessing. Reprocessed fabrics are mostly used as insulating materials, for instance.

We hope that you are so pleased with your product that there is no need to return it! But if you will, please contact us before returning it.